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Satellite Pictures: Pakistan Before And After Floods
Tens of millions of people in Pakistan are affected by relentless rains that have submerged a third of the country and claimed more than a thousand lives. The rains that began in June have washed away swathes of crops and damaged hundreds of homes and businesses.

The images show some of the flooding near the city of Rojhan from today and a comparison of the same area with an image taken earlier this year (March 24).
SpaceX (Twitter)
Shots from the International Space Station of Dragon's departure

The White House (Twitter)
With the historic Inflation Reduction Act, President Biden is delivering progress and prosperity for American families.

Yair Lapid (Prime Minister of Israel)
"Islamic Jihad is an Iranian proxy, that wants to destroy the State of Israel and kill innocent Israelis. The head of Islamic Jihad, is in Tehran as we speak. 

We will do whatever it takes to defend our people".
Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa (President of Zimbabwe)
We are doing everything in our power to protect our indigenous forests.

God gifted us this land. It is our duty as Zimbabweans to protect it.

I am immensely proud that 8 SADC countries have committed to stopping the exploitation of our forests.

Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada)
Since this Operation started, we’ve trained over 33,000 Ukrainian military and security personnel. We’ll keep building on that work, and we’ll continue to make sure they have what they need to defend themselves against Russia’s brutal invasion.

Next week, we’re deploying up to 225 Canadian soldiers as part of Operation UNIFIER – Canada’s military training and capacity building mission in Ukraine. They’ll be heading to the United Kingdom, where they’ll train recruits from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada)
We’re creating 250,000 new, affordable child care spaces across the country – so your kids can get the best possible start in life, and so you can keep building your career. And as we work to make $10-a-day child care a reality, we’re cutting fees in half by the end of the year.
Joe Biden (U.S. President)
This week, I signed an executive order to make sure health care providers comply with federal law, so women don't face delays or denials of medically necessary care. 

It builds on the first one I signed last month that will also help safeguard access to health care.
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The Police arrested a self-styled godman for raping a woman from the time she was a minor in the name of rituals.
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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif called the flooding "the worst in the history of Pakistan".
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